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We've got the coldest grillz in Peoria and hot merch to go with it!
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Custom Grillz

Call or stop by Peoria Gold Teeth and More if you want custom gold, platinum, or diamond teeth. We specialize in custom grillz, and can hook you up with a great price on an incredible product! From iced out sets to single teeth, we have a product for you! PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO FLUCTUATION OF GOLD PRICES. CALL 3099890232 FOR CURRENT PRICING

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Expert Service

At Peoria Gold Teeth and More, we have been specializing in golds for over 10 years. We always bring the top of the line products to the table, bringing our customers back for more! Our silicone based molding process creates a long lasting product that you can be proud of.

Shoes and Gear

The ‘and more’ in the name is all about our merchandise we have at our location. We carry designer brand names in all categories. From shoes to shades, we’ve got you covered with the right accessories to go with your brand new golds!

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Peoria Gold Teeth and More
We want to bring you the best gold teeth on the market!

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We are the #1 seller of gold teeth in central Illinois! We are exclusive providers of removable gold teeth in Peoria and surrounding areas. We now are bringing that experience and artisan gold work to the masses on the internet. Peoria Gold Teeth & More has been specializing in permanent gold crowns for over 10 years now.

At Peoria Gold Teeth & More we specialize in manufacturing traditional style pullouts to closely resemble the permanent gold crowns without having to get the dental work. We pride ourselves in making the very finest quality gold crowns in the country at a reasonable price.

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The Man Behind The Masterpieces!

Demario Humes

Demario Humes has become a staple of the community because of his multiple businesses that serve the Peoria area. He strives to bring his customers the best experience possible and has been doing so for years.

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